2018 Tournament // Denver, CO

Dear Potential Teams,

We are reaching out to invite you to the International Jewish Men’s Slo-Pitch Softball Tournament. With the 40th year approaching, we want to expand our brotherhood to other cities/states, across the North America. The Rocky Mountain Chai, team Denver, is this year’s proud host.

Sitting 5280 feet above sea level and having the Rocky Mountains as the hitters eye, Denver is the perfect scene for this weekend tournament. Being founded in 1858, Colorado has grown a few sports legends that have made an impact in sports history, such as Goose Gossage, Roy Halladay, Earl “Dutch” Clark, Amy van Dyken, and Jack Dempsey.

The mission of the International Jewish Men’s Slo-Pitch Tournament is to provide an opportunity for Jewish men from around North America to assemble in a different host city each year to share their common passion for softball and to socialize.

The spirit of the tournament is based on the core values of sportsmanship, Judaism, and building relationships with other Jewish men who hold these values in high regard and share the same passions.

The IJMST is celebrating its 40th year this Labor Day. With 11 teams participating last year, we are determined to grow this tournament allowing its players to play for another 40 years. This has become a family type atmosphere by not only having father-sons, cousins and more but by the relationships this community has formed. Visit or site: http://www.jewishsoftball.com/ or visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IJMST/

This year’s tournament will be August 31st- September 3rd. Game Schedule and field location will be provided at a later date, as the Rocky Mountain Chai are finalizing the details.

As stated earlier we would like you and your team to join this brotherhood and continue to grow with us. Feel free to reach out to Ryan Richardson, member of the Rocky Mountain Chai, by phone: 303-525-3845 or by email: ryanrichardson2432@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you on the ball field come Labor Day.

Denver Rocky Mountain Chai

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