Our Mission

The mission of the International Jewish Men’s Slo-Pitch Tournament is to provide an opportunity for Jewish men from around North America to assemble in a different host city each year to share their common passion for softball and to socialize.

The spirit of the tournament is based on the core values of sportsmanship, Judaism, and building relationships with other Jewish men who hold these values in high regard and share the same passions.

Kavod – Honor, Respect, Dignity

We do not always like everyone, but we are still expected to treat every being with respect and kindness.

“Who is honored? The one who honors others.” (Pirke Avot 4:1)

“Do not judge by the container, but by what is inside.” (Pirke Avot 4:27)

Anavah – Humility

Humility involves “limiting oneself to an appropriate space, while leaving room for others.” (Everyday Holiness) Being humble does not come from negating one’s worth. In fact, to be truly humble, one must become aware of one’s own strengths and then choose to use those strengths in a positive way.

Amiut Yehudit – Jewish Peoplehood

Talmud Shevuot 39a

Amiut yehudit is the awareness of the underlying unity that makes an individual Jew part of the Jewish people. This includes the sense of belonging and commitment to the Jewish people, their values, their ideas, and their potential, as well as to Israel.

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